ssh x15
good mornings x15
imperial walkers x15
mountain climbers x15
arm circles x15

run to Sproles Island for push-a-rama:
Standard Merkins x15
Left Staggered Merkins x15
Right Staggered Merkins x15
Wide Arm Merkins x15
Decline Merkins x10 (each)

run to the CK forest:
grab a rock and push press x20
overhead squat x15
6 inch leg hold x20
cannonball x20
lbc w/rock x20
russian hammers w/rock x20
squat and press w/rock x15

run to the Conroy hill for:
Jacobs Ladder x5 (flapjack with plank hold)
jog down the train tracks

50 yard walking lunges across the pavement to Howard’s Theatre:
split into two groups:
32 squats/16 jump ups
16 squat hold/16 dips
tunnel of love
10 star jumps/10 hold french dip
tunnel of love (chilkut style)

job to Wendell Gee’s playground:
7 minute AMRAP of:
10x merkins, squats, lbcs, mountain climbers, burpees, ssh

10 SSH to hand over to week two folks to finish off with:
Money Hose’s Plank-o-Rama with Merkin Mix in x4
Fazio with Upper Plank, Chilkut and low plank hold
Cadre White Shoe and the punishment of ab exercises for noise and mockery
T Square rounded us out with kick through and back plank rolls 2×10

A one time departure from tradition, we started at 6:45 and ended at 8:00 for an extended workout, for some reason this energized the PAX and folks turned out.
We had 5 Q’s today, all were folks who happened to post on the first Raleigh workout and have stuck around.  The Q’s met off site and piled into the back of a truck and rolled in at the turn of 6:45.
This surprise start mixed with a change in normal flow for a workout yielded confusion without delay.
Tclaps to our 2 new FNG’s who posted today.  This was a non stop workout, it was meant to burn and it did!
Wendell Gee’s attempt at small talk during the AMRAP he laid down was more confusing than the 6 different exercises we were supposed to remember.

Sign up and start training this week for the GORUCK – talk to White Shoe
Talk to CK if you are interested in the Blue Ridge Relay
Stay tuned for the RDU convergence in April- date and location to be announced next week