The second F was demonstrated in a powerful way as 12 members of the Raleigh’s PAX and some 2.x made their way to the outer reaches of Wake County and attended a third F event.  On the one year anniversary weekend of F3 in Raleigh we enjoyed a workout Qed by the 5 members who were there on that first rainy Saturday.  12 members of the PAX continued the celebration on Sunday morning to a 3rd F workout Qed by YHC and my M.

YHC (co-pastor at Fuquay Varina Presbyterian Church) was totally baffled when he stepped outside before the 11:00 service of worship to see what appeared to be Fazio speaking to a member of his congregation.  Once the interloper had been indeed been positively identified as Fazio. YHC was completely baffled.  It’s hard to believe someone would travel to Fuquay on a beautiful Sunday morning to hear the semi-coherent ramblings YHC offers on Sunday mornings.  After welcoming this obviously lost soul, Fazio noted that he was not alone but more of the Raleigh PAX were behind him.  Looking at the parking lot YHC identified several of the PAX with offspring in tow.  Humbled beyond words and thankful for the presence of brothers, YHC attempted some feeble and totally inadequate greeting.  The PAX entered for worship, and endured an old traditional service with YHC striving to make Biblical teaching apply modern day life.  The PAX and their 2.x made a tremendous impression on the congregation who were in attendance.

YHC is beyond grateful to my brothers who would take their Sunday mornings to journey to Fuquay and be a part of the congregation.  The blessings of encouragement and support continued as the second F was brought to the forefront in a locally owned brewery/restaurant, the Aviator,  from which the F3 moniker of YHC is derived.  After some strong 2nd F, and some pretty darn good bar-b-que washed down with locally produced suds, the PAX journeyed north to Raleigh and refined civilization.  YHC is humbled to be a part of such fine men.