Despite the fact that Spring has decided to fartsack this year, 13 of the faithful came out on a chilly Monday morning to kick off the week as only an F3’er can.

The Thang:

Warmup Circle in front lot:  seal jacks, plank jacks, imperial walkers, windmills

Mosey over to back lot and grab a partner for pain stop #1:

  • Peppers (nod to Do Re Mi for introducing this to Raleigh):  partner 1 does squat hold and grabs partner 2’s legs while partner 2 does derkins, then flapjack – 2 sets each with 10 standard derkins on round 1 and 10 diamond derkins on round 2
  • Bunnyhop Planks:  partner 1 does high plank while partner 2 bunnyhops back and forth over partner 1’s legs, then flapjack – 2 sets of 20 each

Jog down Sisyphus Hill (the preferred direction on that beast) and venture onto Greenway to pain stop #2:

  • EKG’s x 10 (2 sets)
  • Squat jumps x 10 (2 sets)

Continue on Greenway to Crabtree Creek bridge – lunge walk across bridge and run a little further to pain stop #3: 

  • Burpees x 10 (2 sets) with 30 LBC’s in between

Resume run, exit Greenway and circle back up Yadkin to pain stop #4:

  • LBD’s (little baby dips) x 15
  • LBIM’s (little baby incline merkins) x 10
  • LBD’s x  10

Take off on final leg of run up Yadkin, wave to 3 pleasant neighborhood tomatoes, then jailbreak to top of hill



Strong effort by the Pax today.  Thanks for indulging my little Greenway experiment.

Gold star to RB for being the only one to echo the exercise calls at pain stop #1.  Gets him nothing except accolades from the Q, but it did not go unnoticed. 

As we break COT, we happen upon another 2 tomatoes (these on the riper side) entering the park as we are leaving.  After a quick exchange of pleasantries and explanation of what exactly a group of men clad in dark attire and skull caps are doing at that time of the AM, one of the tomatoes exclaims “Well, good for you!” as they depart.  Fungo then flashes Smith and Wesson in their direction and quips “No . . . it’s good for you!”  #scarredforlife

Prayers to Maize’s friend in Charlotte undergoing tests and our own Ben Johnson for quick healing after reportedly sustaining a nasty head wound.

Time to hard commit for GoRuck Challenge Raleigh – May 25.  Let White Shoe know ASAP if you are in.  Ruck training every Saturday until event – 5:45 am @Pullen.  Aye!