5 Pax made their way to the top deck for their Tuesday morning downPAINment.  Like sheep without a shepard, they wandered aimlessly around, waiting for this morning’s Q to post.  Waiting….waiting….this is getting uncomfortable…finally the 5 pressed on with an impromptu beatdown.

The Thang:

Run to the top, high knees, butt kickers, karaoke
Arm circles

Floyd’s Circuit City –
Two groups, one runs 50 yards and back, the other does an exercise while they wait
– Merkins
– Mountain climbers
– Burpees

Round 2, run 75 yards and back, group 2 exercises –
– Merkin twists
– Jump lunges
– Decline merkins
– Incline merkins

Seinfeld’s turn (seemed a lot like a continuation of Floyd’s Circuit City) –
Everyone runs 100 yards, then an exercise, repeato
– Air squats
– Side to side burps then burpee x 10
– Side jump lunges x 10 (repeat x 1)
– Dry humps (or whatever it was called) x infinity

Pseudo-Mary –
Around the circle, each man picks an exercise
– Merkins
– Bicycles
– Partner handstand merkins
– Russian hammers
– Pullups x 10, spot, rest do LBCs


– Got a text from Doogie at some point during the middle that said “Crap…”  I think he’ll more than make up for it this weekend
– Strong work by the Pax creating this workout on the fly
– Riggs and Flying J were sporting the Cleveland attire this morning – Riggs decided to bust out the vintage Jim Thome jersey from the mid 90s, and Flying J wore his usual Browns sweatshirt.  Nothing says “I’m ready for a beatdown” (or “I’m ready to get my hopes crushed” or “I hate Lebron James/Art Model/Bill Belichick” ) like Cleveland sports clothing.  – Reminder that this weekend is a special 90 minute workout.  We may have some Raleigh brothers joining us.