The Thang:

Warm Up–Jog around Bickett to Hannover to Aycock to Park, Pass Munson’s House; SSHs, Imperial Walkers, Fazio Circles

The Scheme

Pax 1: Using Your Kettlebell Wisely (or in one instance your 50 lbs bag of playground sand) (i.e., dealer’s choice on DCPs, Swings, Suitcase Deadlift, press)

Pax 2: Bear crawl 10 yds; Gorilla Run 10 yds; Bear Crawl 10 yds; Ascend hill to sidewalk; 5 single leg burpees; run back to start line

Flap Jack (Repeato 6 Times)

Hanging with Mr. Cooper

Team 1: Each pax climbs rope while rest of Team pays Mr. Chilcutt

Team 2: Each pax 4 sets of 3 dead hang pull ups; rest by paying Mr. Chilcutt

Flap Jack (Repeato 2 Times)


  • Jared makes his first Heavy Metal appearance.  Subway sandwiches and catchy jewelry jingles for all. 
  • Cinderella reappears with tales of Rapunzel’s lack of hygiene (or at least Rapunzel’s wig) (this is a fact). 
  • Gridlock beats traffic and re-ups at Heavy Metal.  Strong. 
  • Embrace the Mud.
  • Must have been something fierce at True Grit on Tuesday; O for 2 between yesterday and today for Mr. Li and Mr. David.  Not saying, just saying.