Warm Up

-Jog around to Glenwood, through the woods and back across a muddy track to the tennis courts

-SSHs, imperial walkers, Fazio Circles

Mericans + Squat Payoff

10 Standard; 12 Dry Docks; 10 Wide Grips; 10 knuckles, 10 Diamond; 10 Decline; 12 Decline; 10 Stagger Left; 10 Stagger Right, 50 Air Squats

Wind Sprints Pete Chilcutt (6 Times)

Group 1: 50 yard windsprint up Washington Street (Leaf to Flag); jog back

Group 2: Pete Chilcutt


Mary + Squat Payoff

((Putin +5 Merkins + Sarokozy) X 3), Alternating Oblique Crunches; 6 inch flutters; High Slow Flutters; Peter Parkers; Parker Peters; LBCs; 10 Diamond Mericans, 50 Air Squats



  • KISS Theory today, with hat tip to F3 meat and potatoes.
  • Utah is fast.   
  • Fair number of Mericans lurking out there today.  #lacticacidmakesthegrassgrow
  • Two FNGs aboard.  Come back, men.  We need you out there to challenge Utah’s perennial War Baby status.
  • Sloppy track at Fletcher Downs.  We ran uphill on the street, with Pete Chilcutt chasing us.  #noinjuries #turfpreservationsociety #chilcuttgonnagethismoney. We left from a solitary leaf in Washington Street.  The leaf abides.
  • We are collectively sideways about our brother in Charlotte and his family.  We prayed for him this morning and will continue to do so.


  • Fellowship Tomorrow Night at Player’s Retreat.  730 early heat.  
  • 0645 launch on Saturday Pullen Workout.  1 Year Anniversary.