16 PAX showed up on a ridiculously humid day. It was already 75 degrees when we started and it felt like a rain forest. Still feeling the after effects of the ATT ruck on Saturday but off we go.

Warmup: Lap, SSH, Windmill, Squats, Merkins, Slow Merkins, 10 Burpees OYO

Mosey to the playground. Pair up for one round of max set pull-ups, dips, merkins, knee-ins, reverse rows, box jumps, burpees and WWII’s.
Then, a second round of max set pull-ups for each PAX while the others did dealer’s choice of an exercise. thank you to Beano for ending with some ballerina move and lowering the testosterone levels.

Back to the field and into teams of 3. #1 is the wheelbarrow, #2 is the carrier. They head off and #3 does 8 burpees and runs to catch them. Then, #1 goes to #2, #2 to #3 and #3 to #1. Keep rotating as you go across the field and back. YHC envisioned this going on for a while with the PAX burning it up back and forth. Wrong. Took an incredibly long time just to go across the field and back once so we did not continue that nonsense.

Teams of 3 again. #1 in people’s chair, #2 repeats 5 burpees and 10 merkins. #3 runs across field, does 15 merkins and returns. Then, #1 to #2, #2 to #3 and #3 to #1. Could only do one round before we were out of time.

Mary: 30 x Russian Hammer, 25 x ski abs

COT: 2nd F this Thursday at 8:00 at Growler Grlz