19 PAX kicked off Hi-Fi’s 4th year with another installment of hill work.  Your Q comes to you from the far away land of Apex – peak of good living and #1 place to live in the US, but unfortunately not the soon-to-be home town of Matt Damon.  The Internet giveth and the Internet taketh away.

YHC tried to come up with something fresh but still maintain the primary goal of running hills.  In the end, when we’re all huffing and puffing anyway, it doesn’t really matter where you are.  So we went with a mostly familiar beatdown.

Warm up:  Mosey to the bottom of Horton and circle up for 20 SSH, 15 IW and 10 Windmills

The Thang (All sets are No Man Left Behind style):

Set 1 – Horton Street

  • Bottom of hill to school entrance and back
  • Bottom of hill to far fire hydrant and back
  • Bottom of hill to Ridge Road and back

Mosey along greenway to bottom of Copperhead

Set 2 – Copperhead

  • Bottom of hill to beginning of foot bridge and back
  • Bottom of hill to far end of foot bridge and back
  • Bottom of hill to middle of bridge over 440

Set 3 – Other side of 440

  • Middle of bridge down the hill on the other side of 440 and continue up to drinking fountain
  • Return to foot bridge at the bottom of hill and then back to the drinking fountain
  • Return to the bottom of the hill leading up to the bridge over 440


  • Backwards run up the hill to the bridge over 440
  • Normal run across the bridge, down Copperhead and back to the bottom of Horton
  • One last push up to the parking lot


Sasquatch this Saturday (7/30) in Greenville, NC: http://f3nation.com/2016/06/08/the-sasquatch-2016-preblast/

Haven House workout this afternoon – check with MacGruber for details

Prayers for the friends of Cotton and Screech for their recent diagnoses

Praise for the improved health of Ollie’s Dad

Thanks to Cinderella for taking us out in strong fashion