Lamp sent out the call for a “celebrity” guest Q for Wolf Run, and YHC was glad to answer the call.  Having only been to WR (and to Centennial Campus for that matter) once ever, I thought….do I Countrywide it or go scope it out?  Being a CPA mind, I headed to Centennial at 8pm Thurs with kids holding clipboard, pad, and pen to take notes amid heavy rain and tornado warnings.  Dad of the year nominee!  (I did reward us with Goodberrys after our walkabout so they were agreeable to join me).

I promised Lamp I’d stay true to the running theme but thought I’d mix in some Zero Hour and Heavy Metal components.  Apparently Munson’s impending wedding kept several of the usuals away or perhaps it was word I was going to Q.  I’ll assume it was the wedding.

Warm-up:  Jog a lap around the parking lot and circle up for SSH x 20, Good mornings x 15, Mike Tysons x 15 (shout out to Tarp), and standard merkins x 15.  Lamp made the mistake of noting these were his first merkins of the week.  I was here to change that.

The Thang (be advised that I don’t know these street names and also lost my card during the workout so exercises and #s are pure guesses at this point):

Jog down dirt road containing lots of dirt mounds, left at end of road down to barricade.  Find a curb.  Quick feet x 20.  Back to barricade / wall for derkins x 15.  Back to curb for quick feet x 15; back to barricade for derkins x 12.

Jog down road a bit to find a pallet of what looked like mulch but was actually organic fertilizer.  Seemed like a decent HM type exercise the night before, but the morning light revealed many holes in the bags.  Unfortunately for Gnard Dogg and Lamp, we had to stick to the script.  The pouring rain the night before combined with the holes in the bags made for an awful smell and stains on our shirts.  I told them to find a bag with few holes…..oh well.  Bags approx. 20-25 lbs for overhead press x 15; bent over rows x 12; overhead press x 12.  Realizing at this point it was a bad idea (yep, it took this long), we abandoned any further “fertilizer” exercises.  God bless my friends I met at Brueggers directly from WR as they must have wondered why I smelled worse than usual even after a shirt change.

Jog 30 yards or so to parking lot lines for paint the lines following YHC’s lead (run up the line, back pedal diagonal to end of other line).  Two cycles through and some more merkins for Lamp later, we jogged to grassy quad-like area.  Brick walkway in between large grassy areas had 3 rope ladders in a row with cones in between each ladder in an off-set formation.  Ran several sets of ladder, zig-zag (or bball slide), ladder (or plank walk), zig-zag, ladder, etc.  Throw in a few merkins for good measure.

After ladders, move to grassy area for chariot races with bike tubes.  Being on 3 of us, odd man sprinted field while others charioted.  Repeated several times.  Jog around grassy field to concrete wall for burpee box jumps on wall x 12 OYO.

Jog back to grassy field for bears crawls across field using bike tubes.  Lone man bear crawls full field while partners do 1/2 with tubes.

Jog to heavily bricked area (we are at an NCSU campus after all so what does one expect) for peoples’ chair against wall / balls to walls rotation.  Between rotations rest legs on ledge for derkins.  Run down stairs around corner and then bunny hop back up.  Find picnic table for more derkins.  I’m certain there were more derkins / merkins along the way as I wanted Lamp to make up for none earlier in the week….just can’t recall.

Jog back to ladder area for Mary of choice by pax.  Believe it was flutter, Mercury, and V holds.

COT: Prayers for our friend Peyton’s friend’s mom; prayers for Hush Puppy’s family dealing with various forms of cancer.  Prayers for Epoxy and aforementioned Peyton who were heading to Wrightsville for guys weekend.  Lamp closed us excellently in prayer as he always does.

Appreciated the opportunity to Q WR!  Look forward to doing it again soon.