Every time I am scheduled to Q a workout, a certain amount of planning is involved. Where is the workout? What did I do last time? How can I make it more challenging? What I’ve noticed is that I have a physical reaction to the thought of the plan. Like a shot of adrenaline, just the thought of executing the plan charges me. It’s a weird sensation, and it’s a fleeting feeling that lasts only a few seconds. However, it lasts for 45 minutes during the workout. It’s awesome, and trust me, leading a bunch of dudes around ain’t in my comfort zone at all. If you haven’t Q’d a workout, try it. Challenge yourself. Challenge us. Hopefully that’s what I did today for 26 PAX busting tail in the gloom with the following beateth downeth:

Brisk run up Currituck to Kershaw and back to the park. Circle up for:
SSH x 25
Imperial Walkers x 20
Jack Webb Squat Jump 1:1 x 10 (Jack Webb with squat jump in place of arm raises). #burner
Windmill x 20

Run to picnic shelter:
Burpee box jump x 20 OYO
Incline Merkin x 15
Decline Merkin x 15
Burpee box jump x 15 OYO
Incline Merkin x 12
Decline Merkin x 12

Run to baseball field, count off by 3s, start at home plate:
1st base-bear crawl to edge of infield, sprint to right field fence, sprint back to edge of infield, bear crawl back to home.

2nd base-crab walk to edge of infield behind 2nd, sprint to center field fence, sprint back to edge of infield, crab walk back to home.

3rd base-gorilla crawl to edge of infield, sprint to left field fence, sprint back to edge of infield, gorilla crawl back to home.

Rotate through until each group had hit each “base”. Mike Tysons at the end of 1st rotation, plank at end of 2nd rotation, people’s chair at end of 3rd rotation.

Balls to the Wall x 40 in cadence.
#mumble chatter
So…Balls to the Wall x 12 in cadence

Run to parking lot, partner up:
Bobby Petrinos to light pole, flapjack to park entrance gate, 10 burpees. 1st partner carries back to light pole, flapjack to end of parking lot.

Wide grip merkin x 12

Partner 1 sprints length of parking lot while partner 2 does prisoner squat. Flapjack.

Diamond merkin x 12


Wait, we forgot Mary:
American Hammer x 40

Fin Fin

May 26-Memorial Day Murph, led by Darby at Pullen. No other workouts that day
May 22-come to PR, 7-9 for malt beverages
May 28-come to PR, 7-9 to hang with Crotch Rocket and learn about the future plans of F3(and have a malt beverage)
May 31-F3 Dads, Fletcher Park, 9:30
June 14-Komen Race for the Cure. Get with Lamp for details.

Prayers for Nemo, his M, and the upcoming birth of their 2.0
Prayers for the safe travels of Costco’s wife and daughter as they trek back to the east coast after several months in LA.
Prayers for the Flatline’s friends who got some potentially troubling news with regard to their pregnancy.
Prayers always for Dufresne and his family.
Fazio took us out with a superb welcome to the week. Thanks Brother.

Great work today guys. As always, it’s an honor and a privilege to be associated with such a good group of men. I try to challenge us every time I lead, but what most if not all of you don’t realize is that you challenge me more during my Qs. Thanks for coming out, working hard, and starting the week off right as rain.