13 Pax hit the grass at Fletcher Park for their weekly serving of Ball Bearings.

Jog to top of Hamburger Hill.  Warm Up:

SSH x 25, Imperial Walkers x 20, Good Mornings x 20, Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 20, Windmills x 20.

Jog to upper field.  Discover what appears to be an ongoing or upcoming irrigation project of some sort.  YHC quickly determines this irrigation project will end up reducing the current stress on the Broughton High School athletic practice fields, ultimately resulting in better facilities, more wins and a return to glory for Cap Football.  Need to leave the field alone.  Audible is called “Hurry! Hurry!” and the PAX runs down to the lower field, leaving the upper field in peace for major upgrades.  Be back again soon.

Arrive at lower soccer field.  Line up on end line.  10 single leg burbees, sprint length of field, 9 single leg burpees, sprint length of field, 8 single leg burpees, sprint length of field, 7 single leg burpees, spring length of field …. continue on down until reaching 1 single leg burpee, sprint length of field.

Jog to stone circle.  Alternating Left Right Step ups x 20; Single Leg Deadlifts x 20 each leg; repeat.

Bobby Petrino from stone circle up stairs to parking lot, jog back to stone circle.  Flapjack.  Each partner carries up the hill twice.

Jog to picnic shelter.  Single leg jump ups on bench, 10 each leg.  Single leg piston squats, 10 each leg.  Seated on table, leg raises x 20.  Repeat.

Jog to bottom of Hamburger Hill.  Hill suicides.  Run up hill and back, up hill and to cones and back (halfway to house of Cats), up hill and to House of Cats and get in peoples chair.  Repeat.

Reverse lungs x 20, run down hill, reverse lungs x 20.


  • The more astute PAX noticed that YHC carried around four cones all morning, but they weren’t used until the end.  I think they figured out a riddle or something along the way.
  • USMC Mud Run 4/14/14.  Super discount sign up period ends soon.
  • High Fidelity moving to Tuesday next week.  Hoping to welcome some High Fidelityers back to Ball Bearings next week.  A few Ball Bearingsers planning to head to High Fidelity on Tuesday.
  • Good leg work today.