17 PAX braved the extreme cold and pushed it for the full hour today.  The PAX got moving quickly, warmed up, and never slowed down.  Well done.


Run around lake, then SSH (40x), Imperial Walkers (10x), Good Mornings (15x), Mountain Climbers (15x) (“recover!”), Fazio Arm Circles (8x, reverse 8x).


Tecumseh’s Burpee Circle of Death: PAX arranged in a circle and chill cut plank.  Each PAX goes around the circle, hopping over each fellow PAX and doing one Burpee in between.

Run to parking lot.  PAX pair up.  P1 runs down to dumpster and back while P2 does an exercise until P1 returns — flapjack.  Exercises: Squats, Alternating Lunges, One-Leg Deadlifts, Merkins, Carolina Dry Docks, Sarkozy, Putin.

Run to Picnic Area: Incline Merkins (15x); Box Jumps (15x); Decline Merkins (15x); Left, Right Step Ups (20x); Dips (15x); Jumping Lunges (20x); French Dip (20s); Prisoner Squats (15x).

Run to rocks and grab one: Forward Raise (15x, with 10s hold); One-Leg Deadlift (Right – 10x); Shoulder Press (15x); One-Leg Deadlift (Left – 10x).

Tennis courts: Balls to the Wall (20x; Utah, the showman, showed us how it’s done); People’s Chair (forever).

Run back to home base with some lunges along the way.

“One minute” of Mary: WWII Situps (60x).


PAX shared New Year’s resolutions that included eating more bacon, more 3rd F (common theme), learning to do some dance (“the Dougie”? “the Urkel”? — no idea), and giving up alcohol for January.

New Year’s Day convergence at Fletcher Park at 7:00 AM.

Prayers for Dufresne.  Counrywide lead us out in prayer.