My cousin-in-law, the recently minted Go Long, has given me new motivation to post the non-running AOs (as well as just to get out of the fartsack). I haven’t Q’d since Feburary 14 and Yukon has been holding down the fort at Lame Duck for way too long, so last night I decided I needed to step up. I confirmed with Yukon that the Q slot was still available and tweeted out my intentions, a tweet that included a very appropriate GIF of a duck kindly receiving ambulatory assistance.

The was some confusion on the part of the persons who run the Lame Duck twitter handle, as they were unable to see any duck in the GIF. I assured them the duck was there and went to sleep.

I made sure to set my alarm to arrive in time for the 5:44AM prerun, completed in time for our 5:45AM start. I’ll post results to Strava soon.

Warm Up:
-20 Side Straddle Hops
-10 Good Mornings
-10 Sir Fazio Arm Circles forward
-10 Seal Claps
-15 Overhead Claps
-10 Sir Fazio Arm Circles reverse
-20 Imperial Walkers
-10 count leg over leg stretch (right over left)
-10 count leg over leg stretch (left over right)
-Neck Roll clockwise
-Neck Roll counter clockwise
(I think windmills were in there somewhere as well)

The Thang:
-Grab a rock, walk to Square Root baseball diamond, AMRAP curls followed by AMRAP shoulder press along the way
-Grab a corner
-10 ‘Mercans (on Q down) followed by 10 LBCs (in cadence) repeato x4 (5 sets total)
-Alternative version of Square Root (SR combined with Duck Duck Goose maybe), where one PAX calls an exercise AMRAP for the rest of the PAX while that PAX jogs a lap around the square. Q starts, followed by Slash, then Go Long, then Yukon. repeato x3 (each PAX has called 4 exercises by the time it is complete). I can’t remember them all, but examples of exercises were rock squats, rock curls, triceps extensions, American Hammers, flutters, Freddie Mercuries, Homer to Marges, LBCs, etc.
-Mosey to lower wall
-Peoples’ Chair 10 counts down the line arms down
-Peoples’ Chair 10 counts down the line arms out
-Peoples’ Chair 10 counts down the line arms up
-Peoples’ Chair 10 counts down the line arms down
-Balls to the Wall 10 counts down the line, repeato
-Mosey upstairs to cafeteria patio, find a bench or ledge
-10 Alternating step ups in cadence
-10 Irkins on Q down
-10 Dips on Q down
-10 Dirkins on Q down
-10 Old Lady Crunches (I misheard Yukon’s Elevated Crunches from the prior week) in cadence
-Mosey to bricks, grab two bricks
-10 Forearm lifts IC
-10 Lateral lifts IC
-10 Bent over flys IC
-10 Shoulder Presses IC
-Return bricks, return to patio
-Repeat Step Up/Irkin/Dip/Dirkin/Elevated Crunch set
-Mosey downstairs to wall
-Can’t remember if we did peoples chair again
-20 Australian Mountain Climbers (should of stopped at 10, actually tried to stop at 10 by screwing up cadence)
-Back to diamond for Mary

-Each PAX calls and leads a Mary exercise, in same order as Square Root variation before
-YHC: LBCs x20
-Slash: Superman (lay on belly with feet in air and hold rock in air in front of you). Hold while Slash leads us in “(I can’t get no) Satisfaction” for as long as we can
-Go Long: Skull Crushers x10
-Yukon: American Hammers x20

4 PAX.
Bear Trap moving to the Murph start time and location going forward.
Memorial Day convergence with pre-Ruck option.
Prayers for Azul, Red Dog, Orwell, others.
Slash took us out.

Naked Moleskin:
Man, it’s hard to mumble chatter when you are Q. I really heard Old Lady Crunches last week, and then I had to keep cadence while Yukon got to play with the name haha. Very glad to help Yukon out and very glad to have Go Long to motivate me to post. I really liked the Mercan/LBC combo that Spurrier used at Dawn Patrol two weeks ago (although 50 is about all I can handle at a sitting, not the 100 he did!) Future attempts at the Square Root/Duck Duck Goose combo will include two laps, one lap was way to short.
Support each other!

QIC: Pigpen
PAX: Go Long, Pigpen (YHC), Slash, Yukon Cornelius
Workout Date: 05/10/19