Men have been stepping up and leading all throughout JOCO!  There is now workouts on everyday but Wednesday and Sunday with Black Ops Running happening daily as well.  Not only has the PAX been challenging each other physically but we have started to have guys open up. Guys sharing about themselves and making themselves vulnerable.  This is how we make Large Particle Relationships. We connect with other guys and share what needs we have, pray for each other, push each other to be better Dad’s and husband, better examples to those around us.  Today was a break through, guys willing to ask for accountability and wanting to share experiences with each other.   No man is as good as his Facebook or Twitter account seems, we are all flawed and need support from each other to be the best version of ourselves.

The Thang: Warm up SSH, Squats, Cotton pickers, Butt kickers, straight leg kicks each x15 in cadence.

Team Tire work: 5 merkins for each flip of jumbo tire until your team finishes the parking lot. Jump on other teams tire to finish off.

Repeat with 10 count Mountain Climbers for each flip of the tire

Stationwork: 1 min each station (alternating Upper and Lower body)

  1. Shoulder Taps
  2. Straight leg Deadlift with regular tire
  3. Overhead Press (#45 bar)
  4. Lunges with Log
  5. Step up on Bench
  6. Dips
  7. Foot Release Squats
  8. SledgeHammer slams on tire

Rinse and Repeat 2 rounds

Indian Run and Audible to Scout Run for 1 lap around the Park

Ring of Fire Mary: LBC’s, WWI, Fancy Flutter, Freddy Mercury, American Hammer, Heels to Heaven each 15-20 in cadence by the PAX.

COT/BOM: Prayers for Stove Pipe and family situation, Chelsea praise good report from MD, Prayers for each of the PAX with many stating personal battles and daily temptations. Praise Dirty Pipes Friend is cancer free. Prayers for Martin Family (Lost child), Blood Sport father cancer free after surgery.

You guys are studs and am thankful that I have you all to lock shields with to go into battle daily.  When asked by a nearby parent what we were training for we mentioned we were a free Men’s workout and YHC made the off hand comment “We are just training to survive Fatherhood”. In many ways it is so true rather than just a joke. We are training and keeping each other physically, mentally, and spiritually accountable so we can return home and be the best Dad, Husband, or Brother/Friend we can be.

See you in the gloom! Get it! Stretch Out.