Four PAX braved the 55 degree temperatures…..oh who are we kidding, it felt great, especially after the 26 degree outing one week ago. Anywho, Four PAX arrived for their Thursday installment of the Floyd beatdown, I mean Tobacco Road Beatdown. The problem? Some PAX are more physically gifted than the Q. To combat the boredom suffered by the Adonis’ of the group, Floyd developed a fool-proof plan to keep all PAX involved and exhausted.

Run around the 1/4 mile circle…Pick up Adolphus who was late. Mosey to the concession stand.
SSH x 10
Merkins x 10 cadence
Imperial Walkers x 10
LBAC x 10 cadence

The one-minute challenge:
Exercise for 1 full minute (as many as you can personally do), then run to a light post. There were several light posts throughout the park and all light posts were included. Some runs were much longer than others.

Mountain climbers x 1 minute…Run
Dips x 1 minute..Run
Step-ups x 1 minute…Run
Decline merkins at baseball…Run
People’s chair (at a port-a-potty. special) x 1 minute…run
Elevated Merkins on a rail x 1 minute…Run
Rows x 1 minute….Run
Assisted pull-ups x 1 minute….Run
There may have been more, but I forget

LBC x 1 minute
Heels to heaven x 1 minute
6 inch leg raises x 1 minute
WWII x 1 minute
Russian Hammers x 1 minute
There may have been more, but I forget

Kotter to Earthmover from SC. He has been to more Durham workouts now than some local PAX!
Strong work by Adolphus who always looks so damn good doing Derkins
Seinfeld…2 weeks in a row. Nice streak!