3 PAX, for better or worse, bundled up and got down to business in record low temperatures here in the triangle… YHC did his best to protect the his flock but still bring the pain – game time temps 10-degrees with -4 wind chill.

Warm-up: running (we were feeling pretty good until the turn around… and thats when the wind hits you smack in the face) – stairs – SSH, mountain climbers, IWs

Most of the workout was spent running back and forth between a stairwell and an enclosed elevator waiting room… thus shielding us from the wind.. unfortunately neither was heated

2 circuits outside, rotate between each station:
#1: alternating step ups, dips, plyometric incline merkins
#2: derkins, air squats, alternating step ups

8 flights of stairs – run to elevators
Jack Webb (10 merkins, 1 shoulder press, 9 merkins, 2shoulder, …. 1merkin, 10) – run to stairs
1 flight, 10 right knee thrusts, 1 flight, 10 left knee thrusts, 1 flight, 10 air squats – run to elevators
Reverse Jack Webb (1 merkin, 10 shoulder press, 2 merkins, 9 shoulder…. 10 merkins, 1) – run to stairs
people’s chair, 1 flight, 10 right knee, 1 flight, 10 left knee, 1 flight, 10 squats, 1 flight, people’s chair

Mary: 6″ leg raise, low slow flutter, high slow flutter, LBCs, hello dolly, rosalitas

Long cool down stretch and COT

– if you take the proper precautions with layers, the cold isn’t all that bad… you just can’t be stupid about it… stay hydrated and go off effort instead of time and you’ll reap the benefits… this weather reminded me of upstate NY… proud of the pax that came out but understand those that didn’t
– 6 week detox program starts 1/13 if you’re interested – information on F3 homepage
– Raleigh go ruck will be in May – let me know if you’re interested in details or participating
– town hall meeting 1/26 for F3 Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill – again, let me know ifyou want info