As the national media droned on about the┬átreacherous “Polar Vortex”, we at True Grit knew it was just another Tuesday.

Warm Up: SSHx25, Mountain Climbers x20, Good Mornings x20, Murkins x10, Imperial Walkers x20, jog.

The Thang:

Ring of Fire on Shelley Lake:

  • Run Half Mile, Burpees x30, LBCs x30, Precision Squat x30
  • Run Half Mile, Burpees x20, LBCs x20, Murkins x20
  • Run Half Mile, Burpees x10, LBCs x10, Precision Squat x10, Murkin x10, Pull Up x10, Murkin x10
  • Run Half Mile, Burpees x5, Murkin x5, LBC x20, Russian Hammer x30, Heels to Heaven x20


Exactly how it’s spelled – Side Shuffle Hop Circle of Trust.

No news to report except the temperature. It was a balmy 9 degrees.