A chilly PAX gathered in the still gloom of the OEC for YHC’s first day back in Blue Heaven. The task: keep moving, fight the frostbite.

The Thang:

Jog to church lot

SSH x 20

Merkin x 20

Imperial Walker x 20

SSH x 10

Merkin x 10

Imperial Walker x 10

Jog to grass knoll: First Ladder (6’s)

At top: Makhtar N’Diaye

At bottom: burpees

Jog to OEC Lot: Second Ladder (6’s)

At top: Freddie Mercury

At bottom: Wide Arm

Jog down BFH: Third Ladder (6’s)

At top: Sumo Jump Squats

At bottom: Diamond Merkins

Jog to grassy knoll: Fourth Ladder (6’s)

At top: burpees

At bottom: Makhtar N’Diaye

Jog to OEC lot


LBC x 30

Oblique Crunch x 30

Rosalita x 20

Dolly x 10

Dolly x 10

Rosalita x 20

Oblique Crunch x 30

LBC x 30

Plank o Rama: 10 counts around on ‘bows and each hand



Coffeeteria/strategy meeting proved fruitful after the Thang. Plans in the works to hook more long-term residents with strategic workout locations. Looking into student orgs, running groups, church groups, etc. If there are any more suggestions, please shoot them my way.

Welcome to FNG Rob Lowe. Serious downpainment put in on coldest Rameses so far. Look forward to seeing him on a regular basis.

F3 Chapel Hill shirt in the works. Awesome, awesome design worked up by Adolphus and Fonz. Going to pass the hat then place the order in the next month or so. Only question is how many to order. Aye!