No need to talk about the cold and the PAX did not mention it even once during the VQ for YHC.

The Thang:

A strong PAX of 14 opened the fun with an Indian Run around N. Hills shopping center and down the ramp to the bottom of the parking deck.

Warm up:

SSH x 25, Good morning x 25, Mountain Climbers x 25, Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 15 and reverse x 15.

Suicides as follows: Run to first pole for 40 Merkins and back to start, Run to second pole for 20 Merkins and back, Run to far pole for 10 Merkins and back to start.  Repeat but insert LBCs for Merkins Repeat with Diamond Merkins with 30 at first pole, 20 at second pole, and 10 at far pole.

Head to bottom of stairs outside JCPenneys.  Pick a partner for some wheelbarrow fun.  Group 1 wheelbarrow up stairs while Group 2 wheelbarrow up ramp next to stairs. When reach the top and while in wheelbarrow position – 10 Derkins. Return to base and Flap jack.  Then Group 1 up ramp and Group 2 up stairs topped off with 10 Derkins. Return to base and Flap jack.

Stroll to railings conveniently located nearby. Count off 1s and 2s.  1s under railing for reverse bench press x 20 while 2s nearby doing prisoner squats x 20.  Flap jack.  1s back at the railing for dips x 20 while 2s are doing Irkins x 20.  Flap jack.

Mary in the warmth and comfort of the parking deck. Freddy Mercury x 25, American Hammer x 25.  Rosalita x 25.

COT including an update on Dufresne and an excellent close out prayer by Orwell.

Thanks to the PAX and F3 for allowing me to become involved in this great group.