So it is said, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.” Well, the squeaky Pax get an earful from the North Hills neighbors for not fartsacking. Thus 31 Pax, including 3 FNGs(sound off in the comments with birth names of these fine lads), tip-toed silently up and across the gate into the balmy January gloom for the first North Hills workout of 2014.

The Thang:

Jog up to the top parking lot in the back forty of North Hills Park. Oval up for 20 merkins, 20 imperial walkers, 20 good mornings, 20 mountain climbers.

Lamps on, run down Sisyphus and grab a rock under the beltline bridge for: 20 rock swings w/ tricep ext, 20 Skywalker squats(done holding rock above head with arms extended), 20 curls. Up Sisyphus, but…we run, bear crawl, run, bear crawl, run, bear crawl to the top. YHC marked transition points along Sisyphus hill with orange soccer cones. Those cones are great on the soccer pitch, but are all but invisible on an asphalt hill in the middle of the woods before daybreak. I’ll remember the glowsticks next time. But I digress.

Recover with people’s chair at the tennis courts. Pair up. Partner carry to opposite side of courts, 20 merkins. Flapjack back to starting point, 20 merkins. Flapjack. Wheelbarrow to opposite side of courts, 10 merkins. Flapjack back to starting point, 10 merkins.

Run down Sisyphus again for more rocks. 15 rock swings, 15 Skywalker squats, 15 curls. Up Sisyphus. Run, bear crawl, run, bear crawl, run, bear crawl. Plank at the top.

Oval up for Mary. 50 LBCs. Done!


Reminder about respecting the neighborhood by decreasing mumble chatter and car door/lock chatter. 3rd F changing from every Thursday to every other Thursday. Still at Larry David’s office. Prayers for Steroid’s M, Electrolux’s friend’s father(severe TBI suffered in Korea), Dufresne. Forgive me for any I missed. Mucho thanks to Caddie for taking us out. Great job this morning by everyone. Thanks for allowing me to lead off 2014.