The Fog and Gloom were thick as YHC rolled into the parking lot about 45 mins before kickoff of the Trot for a little pre-work out run with Key West and Yosef.  When we hit the bridge we could see the other Pax stretching out.  We’ve come a long way from the cold February mornings where it might be Howard and I alone for the Trot.  11 pax including Nard Dog(in from Raleigh) on his 3rd to last leg of the Shaggy Challenge and 1 FNG felt the pain provided by the Possum…

The Thang…

Warm up- Jog around the courts circle up for 30X SSH, 25X Imperial Walkers, 20X Good Mornings, and 20X Fazio Arm Circles

Jog down to the Baseball Fields for a Spartan 500(Sets of 25) Dips, WWIIs, Merkins, Quick Feet, and Balls to the Wall

Indian Run back up to the Courts for Mary

6 inch leg hold, LBCs, Freddie Mercuries and Chillcutt Plank

COT- Welcome FNG Lois Learner!!  Lois works for the State in IT so Peak Week jumped all over that with the name.  Prayers go out to Deadbolt’s friend and New Mexico’s friends who have been trying to have a child.

As always I’m honored to lead you men!  I’m humbled by what you all and F3 have given me.  See you again in the Gloom!