Rules of Dueling

In the second installment of THE JUDGE, a duel is in order. Pick your partner wisely.

Meet at the first lot at the NC Art Museum at 5:30. Partner up.

The Duel

Run down the greenway and take a right on the blue loop. Run around the blue loop (stay left the whole way around – don’t veer right), around the dojo house, and head toward the amphitheater #redrocks.

At the first staircase, Partner A partner carries Partner B down the stairs and then up the stairs directly adjacent. Switch and run over to the third stairwell for Partner B to carry Partner A down and up. We are snaking up and down the amphitheater from one side to the other.

After completing all four stairs, run with your partner toward the NC Art Museum building to a grassy area behind the silver tree. At said tree, do 10 burpees, 15 derkins off your partners back, and 20 LBCs off your partners back. Head back down toward the amphitheater to the first stair way you originally descended. This time we are doing wheel barrels (down and up) to replace the partner carries.

Keep switching back and forth between partner carries and wheel barrels in the amphitheater and always run to the grass behind the silver tree to do the three exercises.

We’ll do this until 6:08 and we’ll head back to the parking lot for some Mary.

See you in the gloom.