If it isn’t real now, it will be in 6 weeks 🙂  As all you BRR runners know by now legs 7-16 have been adjusted from what was on the map last year.  Until we have updated maps/difficulty rankings online, I am going to assume others will change as well.

How do you deal with this change- be prepared.

How do you be prepared- train.

As posted a few weeks ago, we have a schedule, this is your pre-blast for this upcoming weekend:

* pullen pre-run – see who is going on twitter, 06:00, 4-6 miles, stay for the 7:00 bootcamp.

* Sunday 06:00 – Umstead – Flatline is Q, expect 8-10 miles

* Sunday 16:00 – North Hills Park – Fanny is Q – The Sisyphus 10 lap challenge

As always, run often, run safe, and change your routine to be better prepared for the unexpected.