YHC has been a slacker when it comes to posting BBs but today we had an FNG!  Welcome Keith aka Boots & Pants!!  YHC was expecting a possible clown car from up North but MacGruber apparently had a stomach bug.  Could be he saw my tweet and got skeeeerd!!  Hope you can make it down to the Quay another day MacGruber and we always welcome our Raleigh Brethren with a solid Beat Down!  Lets get to it!!

The Thang…

Warm Up- Quick Lap around the park…  SSHs X 35, Imperial WalkersX20, MCsX20, MerkinX20, GMsX20

M-Run on the Courts, Shuffles, Sprints, Side Jumps, Karaoke, Backwards

Wall Mtn. Climbers- X 25, People’s Chair- 2 mins, Wall Mtn. Climbers X25, People’s Chair- 2 mins

Run down to the other side of the park- Dips X20, Durkins X20, Dips X20, Quick Feet X30, Durkins X20, DipsX 20, Low Slow Flutter X30, Durkins X20

Jog back up to the the rocks by the courts grab a rock- 11s- Curls and Rock Merkins

Head into the Tennis Courts for Mary- Protractor- 2 mins, Side Plank X10 both sides, Protractor 1 min, More protractor because YHC isn’t very creative.

COT- Quick nameorama- Respect for Howard throwing it down like always!!  Welcome Keith who apparently knows MacGruber, I must say Keith doesn’t appear to bring the Smack Talk like MacGruber but then again Epoxy wasn’t around and he’s generally the driver of that ST.  Keith is a retired Police Officer from MD who now works for Geico thus someone suggested Boots & Pants and it stuck.  Welcome!!  I hope you make it back out and join our South Wake County Crew!!  Prayers for Howard and Cindy as they set to embark on their Mission to Africa in late October or early November.  Prayers for those Pax running in the Mud Run in SC this weekend!  YHC is looking forward to it!  If you haven’t had a chance to look at the BB from the 3rd F event last week where Howard gave his testimonial you’re missing out!  Please take time to read the BB and Pray for Howard and Cindy!! If you feel so led to give please do!  Howard has done so much for all of us!  Giving back to support his Mission is a no brainer!!

As always it’s  a pleasure and an honor to lead you men in the Gloom!!  I hope to see you all back out at the PT soon!!