With wayward sons Epoxy and Mr. Rogers making their return to Heavy Metal, along with White Shoe coming off the DL, and extra serving of pain needed to be in store for this morning’s 17 pax. With disclaimer given, special emphasis on proper form called out, and humidity at 237%, off we go!


  • Lap around park
  • SSH x 20
  • Imperial Walkers x 20
  • Mountain Climbers x 20
  • Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 10, Reverse x 10

The Thang:

Pax cycle through seven stations of pain at their own pace, seeking to completeĀ as many rounds as possible across the workout. Weights of varying, um weight, distributed to accommodate different strength levels.

STATION #1: Speed Ladder – Forward Drills: High Knees (1 foot each square) x 2, High Knees (2 feet each square) x 2, Forward 2 Feet In / 2 Feet Out x 2

STATION #2: Speed Ladder – Lateral Drills: Ickey Shuffle x 2, Lateral 2 Feet In / 2 Feet Out x 2, Dan Jansens x 2 (using 3rd ladder)

STATION #3: Overhead Merkins x 10 (dealer’s choice: feet on bench or balls-to-the-wall style)

STATION #4: Kettlebell Sumo Walks x 30 yards (squat with KB in front rack position, lateral step, drop to knees one at a time, back on feet one at a time, maintain squat, repeato x 30 yards, switching lead foot at halfway point) #suckfest

STATION #5: Dead Hang Pull-ups x 10 (emphasis on dead hang, stay at station until 10 are complete)

STATION #6: Gun Show Lunge Walks x 30 yards (curl DB’s or barbell on each down step)

STATION #7: Wheelbarrow Medicine Ball Merkins x 10 or AMRAP (Partner 1 holds Partner 2’s legs, Partner 2 places each hand on a medicine ball, conduct Merkin) Repeat circuit AMRAP


  • Strong work this morning men. YHC was hoping for 4-5 rounds each this morning, but the KB Sumo Walks were BRUTAL and slowed the pax down. Count on seeing them again.
  • #mumblechatter was flowing early and during the warm-up but died down fairly quickly. This workout was much harder than it reads on paper.
  • The Heavy Metal pax aren’t known to be the most sophisticated crowd, but based on the speed ladder drills, you won’t be seeing Nemo on a dance floor anytime soon.
  • Komen Race is coming up
  • Arena Saturday morning at 7am