17 PAX swarmed to Laurel Hills Park for a steamy Thursday morning workout…

The Thang:


Jog to baseball diamond

SSH x 20

Windmill X 20

Imperial Walker X 20

Jog to soccer fields

Suicides X 4

Run half soccer field/run full soccer field

Run to Rock Pile

Rock Set

Shoulder press X 20

Curl X 20

Row X 20

Run to Picnic Shelter

Merkin Set

Incline Merkins X 20

Dips X 20

Decline Merkins X 20

Rock Set Repeat

Merkin Set Repeat

Rock Set Repeat (reps of 15)

Merkin Set Repeat (reps of 15)

Jog to Soccer Field

Full Soccer Field Lunge Walk (X 2)

Run to baseball diamond

Half diamond bear crawl


LBC X 20

Freddie Mercury X 20

Six-inch leg hold X 7 second count


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