It was the return of YHC from a short post-WBHM injury and with the knee still not at 100% we backed off some of the run-centric stuff and hit some hard sets to fill the void.  Here we are all the way into late March and I was still standing in my house at 0445 debating how many layers I needed, but to my surprise, Spring may have finally arrived.  Small numbers this morning as many of the PAX are out and about for Easter weekend and Spring Break.  But man, it was a strong group.  We had Patch as a self-proclaimed “Disney Virgin”, Slide Rule who brought a great message to close us out, 187 taking care of some EC, The Natural announcing himself as guest Q for Cletus, Chips returning the shirt I left in the back of his truck at Wrightsville and the list goes on.

We started with an easy w/u jog around the fields and circled up in the lot for SSH, Windmills IC, Fazio Arm Circles IC fwd and reverse, shoulders, arms and chest.

We went straight away to the playground and split in two groups.  One group was on the wall for 9 tempo dips and the other was on the tempo merkin.  Worked our way down to to 5 so we each did 5 sets and a total of 35 reps for each.

On the jog we headed down to my favorite lower lot and we lined up on the benches for a fast-paced set that included 10 dips, 10 count plank hold, shoulder taps ICx0, 10 count chill cut hold, nipplers ICx10, 10 count squat hold, squats x10.  Recovered on the jog and did a repeat but 15, then recovered on the SSH and did a repeat but 20.  3 sets, kicked ass, and the PAX was moving fast pace.

On the jog we headed back the long way with a quick stop at the abyss – it had been a long time so we had to see how the old stairs were holding up.  Partnered up for accountability and took off on 5 count intervals.  It was and down and right back up then a 10 count patty cake merkin with partner.  We did  sets,

On the jog back to the start and circled up for Mary with a strong plank-o.

Countoff was 11 #HIM


Announcements – Info about Sleeveless, upcoming CSAUPs, upcoming opps for 2nd F and a big happy birthday to Buford

Prayer requests – Nemo starting new job Mon (with praise the PAX for how F3 helped YHC land the new gig).  prayers for PAX and family dealing with health issues

Slide Rule took us out in prayer and please check the messages related to Easter.