14 gathered for what felt like the last break from Winter to Spring – perfect 71 degrees at start. At least 6 did EC of various lengths.

Butt Joint had the Q for the 1st half.

Warm up:

Jog over to amphitheater


Fazio arm circles

Cotton pickers

Standard merkin x20 to curb the mumble chatter

Good morning

Mosey around soccer field by way of white fence side (long way). When to hunt center sprint rest of the way up Stinson to Grigsby. Plank it out for the six.

Mosey over to town hall, planking for the six along the way.

Bear crawl up ramp at town hall, then go to the wall for 7s:

6 count balls to the wall, 1 count quality squat jumps. Repeato to 1 BttW and 6 squat jumps

Q transitioned to Pikachu

Mosey over to traffic circle in front of library, with mumble chatter about the missed spiderman opportunity on the ramp.

Gitmo on the traffic circle for one round

Mosey back to the ramp – spider man up and then crab walk back down underneath pax still doing the spider man.

Mosey back towards womble, squat holding and mountain climbing along the way for the six.

Once across Grigsby on Stinson sprint it out back to Hunt.

Mosey to tennis courts and circle up for Mary – 5 count around the circle for “ab” exercise (such as diamond merkins, burpees, etc).


Announcements: F3 Dad’s camp, Cinco de Mayo CSAUP signup sheet up by Friday night.

Prayers: Crab legs, unspoken

Butt Joint took us out.

Next week we celebrate 1 year of Thunder – you don’t want to miss it!