F3 JoCo is about to finish up it’s first month! It’s been great having everyone come out! Keep spreading the word!


The gloom had some chill to it again, and I can’t wait until the leggings and beanies are put away. I think our resolve has outlasted the Camp Gladiator group that was meeting in the park at the same time. They are nowhere to be found!


Warm Up:

Mozy through the park

SSH x 20 IC

Cotton Pickers x 15 IC

Walk Downs w/ Merkins x 10 OYO

Fozio Arm Circles


The Thang:

YHC setup the timer and the rest of the Pax partnered up for some partner corner work in a 45 on 15 off fashion

Corner 1: American Hammers w/ medicine ball – Passing ball to partner after every 5 rinse and repeat for 2nd interval

Corner 2: Partner 1 – High Knee Drops (3 high knees followed by squat)

Partner 2 – Skaters

Switch for 2nd interval

Corner 3: Wheelbarrows – switch for 2nd interval

Corner 4: Partner 1 – Jump Rope

Partner 2 – Burpees

Switch for 2nd interval


Rinse and repeat the cycle twice for a total of 3 rounds


Mary: Around the horn

WWIIs x 12

Merkins x 20

Boat – 10 secs around the horn

Freddie Mercurys x 20 IC

LBCs x 20 IC


Prayer Requests:

Scat’s daughter (Caroline), The Church


Good work men!