Cooler weather with the chance of rain made the fartsack tempting for some today but #GettinTheRuns will always be open for business.  There is never bad weather just bad equipment.  PNG pulled up ready for another beatdown with his legs crying from the last 2 post.  Great to see F3 JOCO getting off the ground and guys posting from other areas.

The Thang:

Dynamic Warm up: Jogging butt kickers, high knees, R and L slides each 1 lap

Mosey toward Death Valley from parking lot (Flag on the R for any late arrivals), mosey up and back down death valley and back to Aldi Parking lot for some 4 corners work.

Run/slide to all 4 corners after each exercise (toward right, forward, toward left, backward)

Once at the start perform each exercise 20 reps as a PAX:
Jump squats (repeat 4 corners)
Lunges (repeat)
Plank Jacks
Mountain Climbers
Tuck ups
Merkins (standard)

PNG wanted some extra distance so mosey down to Coffee shop (Avesboro Rd) and then back to the flag with Jailbreak at the finish.  Total distance 4.6 miles.

BOM/COT: Prayers for brother-in-law they may be dealing with infertility, Labrat with all job related decisions, Farva and his recovery.

Always know that #GettinTheRuns is open for business and that a good beat down will be given.  With many events coming up, races, BRR make sure you start to increase your mileage gradually.  Work in some speed work and take care of your body.

Announcements: Check into a BRR team if your interested, COOPSTRONG (Greenville) 4 mile run, walk, ruck option 3/24!  Make sure you let your Clayton friends know about the F3 JOCO, Tuesdays @ 5:30, great beatdowns each time!

Stretch Out.