Virgin Co-Q as Breach joined YHC to take over the Main Event and to bring greater attention to his February commitment to mission22.

Nemo, Deadbolt, Natty Ice and 187 on hand for EC at 0505 with a strong wind chill in play as many of us continue to ramp up for races in March.

YHC took us on a jog for a quick warmup including IC SSH x22, Hillbilles x11, Imperial Walkers x11 (after a pause as I completely forgot what they were called) and Moroccan Night Clubs x22.  Stopped at the base of the half pipe and each grabbed a post for a quick set of 10 deep squats.

Breach took over for Main Event as follows:

Partnered up. Partner 1 runs to midpoint on the field and back. Partner 2 does and exercise called our. When partner 1 gets back they do said exercise while partner 1 runs. Using a 2 minute timer..we stopped as a group every 2 minutes for 5 burpees. We kept the cycle going for 11 rounds or 22 minutes – the mission22 theme in play.

R2-prisioner squats
R3-Hello Dolly’s
R4-Side Straddle Hops
R5-Imperial Walkers
R6-Plank Jack’s
R9-Spiderman Merkins
R10-Mountain Climbers
R11- American Hammers

With a couple extra mins we fit in 3 sets of BTTW/star squat jumps on the 10 count before we circled up in the lot for MARY – a traditional Plank-O with each PAX getting a 10 (count or IC) for exercise of their choice. One man went bold and called diamond merkins – thanks for that.

Countoff was 11 #HIM


Announcements – Deadbolt headed to his truck and returned with a stack of $11 in singles, $1 for each of us for posting to contribute to Breach for mission22.  That was strong to see. Reminder about sleeveless Fri 0500 at Hunt Center as well as various run/CSAUP events coming up – see slack to stay up to speed.

Prayer requests – Deadbolt’s family as they continue to deal with mother-in-law’s health issues

YHC shared a quick message he heard from an old friend who is dealing with her child having a rare disease. She said ‘when you are surrounded by your your people and they know you need their support and they don’t give you any support, they probably aren’t your people.’ Message from this was that for anyone who commits to show up, post and put in the effort whether it’s just for the 1st F, or if it’s for the 2nd and 3rd as well, we are your people, we will lift you up and we should all know we have the support.

Breach took us out in prayer

Great morning out there today. The workout was awesome as we did not stop moving the entire time. I saw everyone showing great accountability with their partner and on their own.

Breach, you have brought some great energy and we are lucky to have you out there with us.

Deadbolt, thanks for continuing to inspire us to give a little more.