With all the half marathon training & mid week early morning pavement pounding going on right now in prep for Wrightsville and Tobacco Road,  YHC was expecting have less than 5 pax post this morning at the Possum. Excited to see 8 of us posted with an FNG showing up to join the crew! Welcome FNG LED!

Warmed up with an Indian run to lower ball field and then moseyed on back up to the concession stand area to start off with a little yoga. Some downward dogs and few other poses to loosen the oil and get it flowing to move right into some SSH x 20, Imp. Walkers / Hillbillies x 10 each, Fozie AC small to large x 10 each direction. Make our way over to the short wall for some dips x 20 and derkins x 10. Moseyed on back up to the tennis courts but not before stopping at the parking lot gazebo for a round of 20 step ups to warm up the legs a little.

The real work: Pax partnered up for a couple of rounds of partner one exercising with his choice of a battle rope, fire hose, cinder block, or slosh pipe for curls, overhead presses , and rows on one side of the net while partner 4 corner bear crawled the opposite side of the net complete 5 bur-pees OYO at each corner. Swap up and partner one takes off on the bear crawl journey. Rinse & repeat with 5 merkins at each corner on round two. Once done held plank waiting on the six. Mosey over the fence for 2 rounds of Balls to the Wall with each pax bear crawling from one end of line to the other. Mosey on over to opposite side of courts for a round of short to long suicide runs touching the outside line of each of the four courts and then back to the fence to start the next one.

Mary:  Dauber led us off on our six drawing out the Alphabet with legs, followed by R22 leading LBCs x 21, FedEx leading American Hammers x 10 IC, Scandal leading V holds x 10 IC, and YHC finishing us off with Box Cutters x 10 IC

COT:  YHC read from John 15 where Christ is speaking about Himself being the vine and we the branches. Specifically verse 5: “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing”. Challenged each of us with the question, what are we doing individually to remain in the vine? As well, may each of us try our best to set aside some quite time alone to read and meditate on God’s word in that we will remain in the vine and bear much fruit.

YHC led us in prayer after name-o-rama and announcements.