Pullen park was full of activity- the Carpex boys were cranking out a Murph. Many random people were looking for parking to run the Krispy Kreme run, and a few folks came for the main event.

Having had the opportunity to Q many workouts, I am always up for a new challenge. Today was a good one where requests kept coming in: “I need to be at the bell tower at 7:30”, “This better be a full hour”, “We have some PAX showing up at 07:00, can we be in the parking lot then”, “I have a race to run, I really don’t want to wear my legs out”. YHC had to make a decision- screw them all and deliver serious pain for 75 minutes, or figure out a solution to meet all the random needs. As a parent would know, you give an inch, they ask for a foot; give a foot, they ask for a yard. I had faith in the PAX and accommodated them, oddly enough it wasn’t too different from my original planned workout.

warmup in the parking lot:
* 10x SSH
* 10x IW
* 10x merkins
* Mosey to the stairs 2x laps

finish in the gazebo for a small round of fun:
* 10x dips
* 10x L/R step ups
* 10x Irkins
* 10x Derkins

head out of the gazebo and:
* walking lunges for 40 yards
* 10x high plank
* 10x low plank
* 10x chilkut
* backwards walking lunges for 40 yards
* 10x high plank hold
* 10x mack tar jai
* 10x right arm up
* 10x left arm up

mosey down the stairs to the amphitheatre and partner up:
* P1- WWII, P2- run around the grass (about 45 seconds)
* flip flop
* P1- Squats, P2- run around the grass
* flip flop
* repeato

head to the parking lot for indian run and pick up 2 PAX. Continue Indian run to the end of the road and grab some curb.

10x LBD
20x quick feet

Lose some PAX for picture time


mosey to the tennis courts (we lost a few pax by this point for the KKD run) and partner up.
* P1: BTTW, P2- suicides
* flip flop
* P1: Peoples chain, P2- suicides
* flip flop
* repeato

Lose more PAX for the run

Most out of the tennis courts and to the rock pile:
* 10x overhead hold and squat
* 10x curls
* 10x press

half the PAX drop a rock, tighten circle and pass the rocks quickly- 2 times around.

Partner up:
* P1 – rock squats, P2- 5 burpees OYO
* flip flop
* repeato

return the rocks and mosey around the tennis courts to the bottom of the half pipe for Mary.

11 PAX == 12 Mary exercises, 15 count each:
* Hammers
* Flutter kicks
* Dying Cockroaches
* Box Cutters
* Homer to Marge
* Freddy Mercury
* Chilcut with stomping feet
* Diamond Merkins
* Peter Parkers


It is always an honor to lead Raleigh’s finest PAX, especially at one of the best AO’s in the Triangle.