Great turnout this morning for some pain at the cracker.  Lots of extra credit runners got the day start off.  Little did they know that we’d be taking a tour of the Holly Spring business park to find some new terrain.

Warm Up:  Jog over to grab the bricks by the drainage area.

Since there was some distance to cover to get to the main activity, the PAX grabbed two bricks and started the trek down Green Oaks Parkway.  Starting at the first intersection the following exercises commenced with roughly a ¼ mile jog between stops while carrying the bricks; SSH (no bricks) x30, Fazio Arm Circles x10 forward and x10 backward, Cotton Picker x15, Mountain Climber x25.

Once the PAX dropped their bricks, we headed halfway up the ramp to a long straightaway where everyone did a plank walk on top of the railing.  The goal was to make it all the way to the top without dropping (falling) off the railing.  After doing once, it only made sense to run through the parking lot back down the hill to do again.  For the 3rd round, the PAX met at the top of the ramp and bear crawled all the way down to the bottom and ran back to the top of the ramp to repeat again.  Before heading back, the PAX lined up down the ramp for Dips x25.

On the jog back, with bricks back in tow, there was a brief break at the first stop for WWIIs x30, followed by Air Squared x15 at the second stop, and Tricep Presses x25 at the third stop.  The Pax then lined up for an Indian run all the way back to drop off the bricks.

Mary: Plank Jacks x25

COT:  Announcement for Saturday run at Starbucks and Emeril to take the Q at Nutcracker next week.