Seven regulars and one first timer (to Detention…Pothole) showed up ready to get after it. Welcome back from IR Tinker Toy. No FNGs. Let the fun commence.


Quick job around the parking lot up to the the entrance and back.

SSH x 20, IW x 15, mountain climbers x 20, GM x 15, plank jacks x 20, Sir Fazio L/R x 15 each.

The Thang

Mosey up the baseball field and partner up at home plate. Size matters.

#1 runs to third base, #2 runs to first base – each do burpees x 5. Continue around and meet at second base for some partner exercises. burpees x 5 at first and third on the way back to home.

Repeat x 2. Excercises at second base were – partner dirkins x 15 ea, partner squats x 15 ea, partner clap merkins x 15.

Mosey over to the track for the 1 mile fun run.

4 laps around the track stopping at each 100m mark for called exercise. Stop 1 – 20 reps, Stop 2 – 15 reps, Stop 3 – 10 reps, Stop 4 – 5 reps

2 laps with sumo squat jumps lap 1 and spiderman merkins lap 2

Squat hold until finished. Reverse LBC x 25

Lap 3 American hammers

Squat hold until finished. 6″ leg hold 10 count around the PAX

Lap 4 – the dreaded burpee. Awful, suck, Papercut breezed through it

Squat hold until finished. Chilcut

Recovery indian walk over to the bleachers for Plank-o-rama

High plank – chilcut – plank walk right x 5 – low plank x 10 count, plank walk left x 5 – low plank x 10 count – bear crawl forward x 5 – low plank x 10 count – bear crawl backwards x 5 – low plank x 10 count – high plank – right arm/leg high – left arm/leg high…. recover!

Mosey over to the benches

dips x 20

Mosey down to the lot for Mary.

Box cutters x 50…. done.

Announcements – Mule March 4. “If you can do this, you can do the Mule”

Prayer requests – don’t forget to turn to God in prayer. He wants your struggles and wants to carry the burden.

Tinker Toy took us out.


  • Grady pinged me the night before and asked if there was anything special about the workout. “It will suck” was all I could come up with. It did for me
  • Always are great core group from North Raleigh. Wish some of those UJ regulars would give this one a try
  • Where was Mr. Rogers?
  • Great to have Tinker Toy back out in the gloom. Glad the calf held up!

Always a pleasure.