Shovel Flag planted for 18 on Washington Street for a celebratory Ball Bearings, esteemed PAX and honored guests were among us in the gloom. Familiar faces while others less so, working out in the darkness is much easier when temps are above 40 degrees. YHC has over 5 years of posting at F3 workouts, back 2012 or 2013 it used to feel like I’d posted for a longer time than it was….starting to just feel like a long time, not sure what that says, means or matters.

The Thang:

Warm-up jog to upper lot

SSHx15, Mountain Climbers x 10, Good Morning x 10, Merkins x 10, Imperial Walkers x 10…..partner up and move to upper field.

“Hour Glass”

Group 1 runs diagonally across field and then across end line, Group 2 performs AMRAP until Group 1 stops, then runs to tag….rotate. Exercises: Plank Jacks (4 stops), Spiderman Merkins (4 stops), Jumping Lunges (4 stops), Burpees (3 stops)…sprint to the end of the field.

Set of 11s with Knee Ups & Dying Cockroaches then Plank-A-Rama (High Plank Hold, Low Plank Hold, Decliners x 10) Sprint to top of Hamburger Hill

Birthday Boy Set of 7s on Hamburger Hill (or do the best you can): Bear Crawl down, Backwards Bear Crawl Up…CDD at the bottom and Hand-Release Merkins at the top

3 field sprints

COT sans F3 name echo (Fletcher policy) with prayer by Linda

Naked Moleskin:

-Happy Birthday to King David and Fungo! One is out of the #hate category, the other still has 2 more years. Set on Hamburger Hill was inspired by their past Qs, YHC audibled into it and did not properly calibrate for difficulty level at 7 trips. #qfail #cobains More PAX birthdays over the next week, watch for updates. Welcome Bar Crawl from F3 Lexington SC, been posting for 7 months now…hope to see him back on his next Oak City trip. T-claps to M4L bringing his 2.0 Yellow Card who got to meet Red Card, a nice trip up from F3 South Wake. Also nice to see Pink Slip at Ball Bearings….Mr. hand was the lone pre-run & Myrtle was a full participant in all activites.

The MULE celebrates 5 years of F3 Raleigh on March 4th: Pullen Park start time at 6am, should wrap up by 9. For clarification by YHC, not a Mule format…it’s is The MULE. Thank you Munson, you’re a trip. Sign up here:

-You know you’re in the heart of true ACC country when the #mumblechatter includes references to Tom O’Brien, John Bunting, Kris Lang & of course Jeremy Hyatt (yes, that one) but no Grayson Allen. Sounds like the return of “Left-Right-Left” is likely at a future Ball Bearings. 5PointsTriple Foundation Members were under represented this morning, leg 2 is at The Judge tomorrow….no clue who’s Qing but for the love of Denali please post a legit pre-blast for a change. #nomorelametweets

EH someone in the next few weeks, their life will just stay the same if you don’t.