It was unseasonably warm at Flood Zone this morning, causing the pax to seek higher ground in hopes of cooler temperatures. A few invisible shirts were seen, and all were gassed by the end.

The Thang…

Early 15
-Run to the rock pile grab a rock
16 diamond merkins/ 16 staggered right/ 16 staggered left
-Run with rock up to the gravel lot
16 diamond merkins/ 12 staggered right/ 12 staggered left
Ran short on time and had to dump rocks at a nearby sewage drain
and make our way back to pick up the rest of the group.

Same EC as last week, but with two new pax, why not, it wasn’t easier

Regular 45

Run up to second level

-Suicides touching every line from the end of one ramp to the start of the other
Increasing merkins from 1 to 12 then back down after each line. Didn’t get an exact count but
probably 16-18 lines in all.

It’s getting hotter

Run to the top level

Count off in 1’s and 2’s
1’s sprint to light pole (75 yds), 90 deg turn bear crawl to light pole, 90 deg turn sprint to light pole, 90 deg turn bear crawl back to starting position
2’s doing 20 burpees, 20 merkins(standard, wide, diamond)
until 1’s return

Repeato 3x with stationary exercises changing to 20 burpees, then changed to 10 standard merkins 10 diamond, 10 wide

Run down to 2nd level

Circle up
-Jack Webb 1:5, reached 7 drydocks

-LBC’s x40
-Reverse LBC’s x40
-Merican Hammer x20 or so?



-T Claps to Bob Villa and ManRam for braving the EC, especially ManRam coming off the IR

-Season Salt is still adjusting to the earlier start time, he’ll get there..

-Went around the circle and had each of the pax explain the origin of their names, some are interesting, some are exactly what you thought

-USMC Mud run is 4/12/14, get a team of four and do it. It’s been called the “F3 Superbowl”

-F3 Raleigh GoRuck 2014 is in the planning stages. Talk to Utah, Fungo, or myself if your interested and/or get out to a preruck with Fungo one morning before ball bearings. Those who say they can and those who say they can’t are usually both right.

“The most important thing about goals is having one” -Geoffrey F. Abert

Closing Prayer courtesy of Ron Burgandy