5 Pax and there we go today at Hopebuilder…

The Thang:

Power House

Leg Presses 15 x 3 (alternating)

Leg Rolls 15 x 3 (alternating)

International Incident involving a vibrating La Z Boy

Leg Lifts 20 X 4 or 5 (au pair can’t count) (alternating)

Hard Core:

Little Baby Crunches 5 X 10

Leaning Towers of Pisa 5 X 10

Right to Bare Arms, aka Gun Show, aka Beach Muscles:

Chicken Wings 3 X 10 (alternating)

Animal? Weapons? 4 X 10 (alternating)

Pile Drivers 3 X 20 (alternating) (anybody remember Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart?)

Over the Tops 3 X 20 (simultaneous) (I’m making a Stallone Movie reference here).

Exercise to be named later 3 x 20 (alternating)


  • The  interlude today arose when YHC unknowingly activated the Vibrating Chair 3000.  Dufresne patiently communicated to the F3 Bar Association Committee on Moronery every way he could as a gentleman that the darned chair was shimmying and he’d prefer to exercise without it, thank you very much.  Sensing that Dufresne was going to good naturedly throw us out the window, YHC made the Rolaids Relief call to the bullpen.  The reliable and patient nurse jogs out, throws 4 pitches for strikes and we are back on track.
  • If I told you that the foregoing paragraph elicited somewhat funny jokes from the fellow members of the bar association present, would you believe me?  It’s true.
  • I spent last week in the shadow of Massanutten Mountain smack in the middle of the Shenandoah Valley.  We traveled all over; packed it in through the towns and valleys rolling through the Virginia countryside.  Harrisonburg, Elkin, Waynesboro, Island Ford Road, the Rockfish Gap, Afton.  Walked through an old train station.  Climbed several trails with yellow haired bandits aboard.  The ever constant, no matter where you are in the valley?  The visible peak of Massanutten Mountain.  From different angles, yes, but ever constant.  I thought about Dufresne while there.  His challenges are just as constant.  Great day?  Climb the mountain.  Low day?  Climb the mountain.  Rain?  Climb the mountain. The most brutal physical setback you can imagine? Go climb the mountain.  The ordinary slings and arrows of being a husband and a father?  Climb the mountain.  I told him about that today.  I also told him that we would be with him on this trail evermore, no matter where it leads.  Sign up.  Carry a coupon.

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