On a dark and moist chilly November morning, 4 Pax embarked on a journey so fantastic that it will be forever engrained into their memories as the greatest F3 workout of all time. Most of the other usual Pax had lame excuses like being on-call or “saving my legs for the mudder tomorrow.” But enough about them and on with the show!

Jog to the tennis courts for a quick warm up.
SSH x 20
Windmills x 20
LBAC x 20

Jog to the quad:

The THANG: F-3 Ringed Circus. The Duke East campus quad is divided into 3 separate grass fields. In the 3 Ringed Circus there was a themed set of exercises for each “ring.”

But first, the Circus train has to come to town on the:
Four man Cackalacy Choo Choo. 50 yards of sequential planking and jumping. On the way back, the train went through some tunnels. Each man does a high plank while another does an Army crawl underneath (back 50 yards). The Circus has arrived!

Ring #1: The Acrobats
10 Upside down hand stand push ups
20 Partner Squats
30 Knee to chest jumps
Repeato 10/20/30
Caterpillar push-ups (we managed 8. Damn they were hard).

Ring #2: Clown Relay (around the big circle field in the middle of the quad).
Everyone spreads equally out around the circle, One person runs to the next in line, the others do an exercise until the next person arrives.
Low Jacks
Mountain Climbers
Jump Lunges
Carolina Dry Docks

Ring #3: The Menagerie. First off, most of the Pax didn’t know what a “menagerie” was. The definition is: menagerie noun mə-ˈnaj-rē, a place where animals are kept and trained especially for exhibition. So I actually did use that word correctly. Suck it boys.

The Menagerie. Basically Beast Mode with animal travel between cones. 6 Cones, 6 reps, 6 different exercises.
Set 1: Cheetah sprint with Merkins x 36
Set 2: Bear crawl with Burps x 36
Set 3: Gorilla Walk with Burpees x 36
Set 4: Crab Walk with Diamond Merkins x 36
Set 5: Lobster Run (run backwards) with Knee to Chest jumps x 36
Set 6: Frog Leaps with Merkin Twists x 36

Run back to the parking lot to visit the Bearded Lady:

Mary (The Bearded Lady)
Russian Hammers x 30
Heels to Heaven x 30
LBCs x 30
6 inch leg raises (15 count x 4)


Concession Stand: We went to Mad Hatters afterwards.

Strong work. This was an exhausting set of exercises. There were some suspect animals in the Beast Mode.
Good luck to the gents doing the pansy Tough Mudder tomorrow.
New F3 Workout: “Tobacco Road” Thursday 11/7/13 @ 5:30am at Herndon Park in South Durham. Spread the word. I don’t want it to be just me and Doogie meeting in a dark vacant park.