On a day in which the PAX no doubt anticipated the impending Heels/Pack skirmish, there was a readiness for another sort of fight in the hearts of the 14 men gathered to do battle in the arena of the Catalyst.

This damp, clouded, foliage-bursting morning also saw the emergence of a brave FNG, eventually dubbed by the PAX with the moniker, Boog—taken from Baltimore Oriole lefty-slugger-righty-thrower, Boog Powell. Our newest 2.0 fought like an MVP alongside his counterpart, Bullseye. Nice work, gentlemen.

About ¾ of the way through, YHC instructed the PAX to take note of aforementioned foliage, along with the rest of creation awakening to our cadence. Fodder for the proverbial COT. (See below.)


1) Warm up:

1/2 mile Indian run on track

Bball Court:

SSH x25 / Emp Walkers x25 / Lawnmowers x25 / Goodmornings x25 / Mtnclimbers x25 / Prisoner squats x25

Run to steps


2) Stair Jumps:

Two-Step Run Up – Merkins x15 at the top

Broad Jumps Up – Ramp Railing pull-ups x20

Right-leg Jumps Up – Merkins x15 at the top

Left-leg Jumps Up – Ramp Railing pull-ups x20

REPEATO (2nd Time, Substitute Balls to the Wall for Railing Pull-Ups)

Run to bleachers



On the lowest bleacher:

Dips x20 / Squats x20 / Irkins x20 / Squats x20 / Derkins x15 / Squats x20


Finally, Carolina Dry Derkins x15 (worth bringing back)

To the Track


4) Track Work:

Run the flat / Bear crawl the first curve / Run the rest of the ¼ mile / 10-count

(Note: Originally planned crawls for both curves of the track, but changed to one curve after YHC realized those curves are deceptively epic in distance.)

Run the flats / Lunge-walk the first curve / Run the rest of the ¼ mile / 10-count

Run to Top Parking Lot


5) MARY:

LBCs x25 / Heels to heaven x25 / Reverse LBCs x25 / Russian Hammers x25



Fine work all around from the PAX.


  • Reminder to sign up on Tony Robbin’s spreadsheet for Dufresne’s Hopebuilder workout.
  • November 12th at Tyler’s Taproom, 3rd F discussion, gathering the group mind of the PAX on the topic of how to further carry out the 3rd F in F3RDU. Sign up for it.

3rd F:

As we closed, YHC sought to remind the PAX of the surrounding foliage, tall trees, early-morning stars, clouded skies and awakening birds. All these are part of creation, and the Psalms say that creation declares God’s glory—announces his greatness. Likewise our aim can be to do the same. We strive for our lives to declare and announce the greatness of the One who made us and sustains us daily. Aye.

Prayers for Dufresne, for Man Ram’s M having surgery on Thanksgiving week, and for the people of our nation to awaken to God’s love for them.

Though issuing a caveat of inexperience, our man Larry David did the prayer honors nicely. Strong, LD. Much appreciated.