13 PAX assembled, planted the VSF, and took off for a “little” jog…

The Thang

Run up Oval Drive, hang a right on Centennial Parkway, a right on Achievement Drive and jaunt over to the soccer field. YHC will confess that the thought of continuing straight down Centennial Parkway to the Farmers Market Restaurant, thereby bagging the workout, did cross his mind, but the shame outweighed the temptation of biscuits and molasses. Upon arriving at the soccer field, circle upĀ at midfield for warm up exercises:

25 x SSH, Windmills, Tin Men, Imperial Walkers

Jog back to Achievement Drive and hang a right up Main Campus Drive. Alternating sprint/recovery jogs between the trees until we run out of trees. Plank hold at the top of the hill above the Lake Raleigh boat ramp. 25 merkins and jog to the Hunt Library. YHC explained to the PAX how the next exercise, Silas Bottom Kickers, came to be named. Mix a seven year-old, Despicable Me 2, and F3. Silas Bottom Kickers up the stairs and run back down, hang a right and continue up to The Oval.

Make a stop halfway up the hill for 25 derkins on the rail. On to The Oval! Upon arrival 25 merkins, star jumps, squats. Head over to the grass for Mary.

Six+ Minutes of Mary

25 LBCs, American Hammers, Windshield Wipers, Merkins, Freddie Mercury, wrapped up with a Six Inch Leg Hold around the circle (five count) in honor of Dufresne.


Great prayer by Friar Tuck – he’s a pro!

Many among us touched by cancer (family, friends, coworkers), battling the ever present challenges of life, burdens seen and unseen.

Third F on November 12 at Tyler’s Taproom – everyone welcome. 1800 hours (6:00 pm).

F3 Winston-Salem planning underway. Know guys who would be interested contact Chong Li.

#Hopebuilder – sign up and be inspired

YHC is aware is Sunday night and he’s just now posting Fridays Wolf Run backblast. Let the ridicule begin!