7 faithful arrived at West Campus early this morning ready to pay the price…

The Thang:

Windmills x 40
Merkins x 20
Mountain climbers x 20
Jump lunges x 20

Next we jogged on to Wallace Wade Stadium for another try at Jacob’s ladder.

Down the steps to the bottom of the stadium, across one section of bleachers, up the other side, burpees at the top starting at one and increasing by one each time to ten.  Mixed in a few bunny hops, butt kickers, high knees, two stairs at a time, three stairs at a time for the runs up the stairs.

Jog on over to K-ville for a little Cackalaki choo-choo, F3 Durham style (jump over the first man, crawl under the second man, over the next, etc) x 2

Run back for some Mary with some plank walks on the stair rails on the way over.

Rosalitas x 20
Dollys x 20
LBCs x 20
Russian hammer x 10
Sarkozy for 10 count around the circle (2nd half with leg up)
Putin for 10 count around the circle (2nd half with leg up)



Most of the Durham F3 contingent spent yesterday interviewing applicants for next year’s class of interns.  One unlucky sole (FNG Patrick Roy eh?) decided he’d join up this morning for a preview of the pain he’d experience if he matched here.  Strong to quite strong, in my estimation.  Too bad our opinion doesn’t hold much weight.

tclaps to whomever sends Liz a new pair of running shoes and directions to a mechanic.  Your new name awaits you, Liz.

tclaps to Koufman for lapping the field in the Jacob’s ladder.  Setting the bar high, as usual.