It was the definition of Gloom today…a muggy foggy December morning. Fresh off a sleepless night following the company Christmas shindig, Wonk arrived unprepared to lead the PAX. A few minutes early, he had time to log onto and see what some others had done. Following Dredd’s lead, YHC did the ensuing workout:

Run strait to the field for 6 minutes of Mary! LBC x 30, Rosalitas x 30, Dollys x 30, 6 inch x 30

Full on Jacob’s Ladder

run around park back to grassy knoll for plankarama

Elevens: pushups and various forms of ab work

Then we found a ball in the middle of the field and tried to incorporate it into our routine, but it was not enough for Howard #oldmanstrong #goingtobuyamedicineball

Ran to outhouse for peoples balls

spider web

squat jumps in ascending heights

Dips, dlanks, and derkins 5, 10, 15


Tclapps to Howard for calling it a good workout while YHC felt the constant tug of merlot.