4 of Durham’s finest planted the VSF and kicked it F3 holiday style

The Thang:


Indian Run
SSH x10
IST x10
High knees x10
Butt kicks x10

Deck of cards: an exercise for each suit (ie: merkins for hearts, burpees for spades, etc…) and a number for repetition (ie: 5 of diamonds = 5 standard merkins) – face cards =10, Ace=1, jokers are dealers choice – shuffle deck, go as fast as you can, and try not to vomit – ends up being 86 of each exercise

Round 1: Hearts= merkins, Diamonds= mountain climbers, Clubs= single leg squat R, Spades= single leg squat L, jokers= 10 burpees

Round 2: Hearts= burpees, Diamonds= jump squats, Clubs= carolina drydocks, Spades= down/ups, jokers= 10count rest

30sec low flutter, 30sec plank (bows and toes), 30sec low flutter, 30sec plank (bows and toes)
30sec superman, 30sec LBCs, 30sec superman, 30sec LBCs
30sec sky diver, 30sec russian twists


t-clap to Riggs for my new nickname “the little burpee boy” and for wanting a burpeepotomus for christmas
t-claps to the 4pax for still showing up.

merry christmas.