The shovel flag was planted and the PAX of 15 ventured into North Hills park to discover logistical and environmental challenges. Baseball field locked for renovations, no problem…..dead animal in the dumpster at peak decay near the rock pile, let’s have Mary somewhere else. We enjoyed the extended Indian Summer of sorts with 65 degree humidity (didn’t stop Fazio from wearing gloves), so it was a good time to roll in Q on the fly. Sweet music was made as a few PAX members took turns with their solos. 

The Thang:

5 Burpees

Currituck Trot


Good Mornings x25, Plank Jacks x25, Jumping Lunges x25, Mountain Climbers x25, Merkins x25,  Imperial Walkers x25

Cackalacky Choo Choo x 2

Walking the Plank: moving L & then R

Putting the warm-o-rama in the rearview, the Pax moved on the debut North County Girl performance of our very own Wendell Gee’s “Rock Show”

Mosey to rockpile and grab a ticket:

Split into two groups:

Group 1: Two laps around the Miniature Horse Track with your ticket held high

Group 2: Take your ticket and begin with tricep press and move directly into curl.  Repeat as fast as you can until Group 1 crosses the finish line 


Mosey to the tennis courts for….Stefan Edberg:

Place your ticket on the ground for alternating single arm pushups.  Both arms = 1.  But wait, there’s more—you get to run suicides between the sets of pushups!  One round of suicides with x5 single arms waiting for you at the baseline.  One round of suicides sans pushups.

Brief interlude between the end of the main performance and the first encore.  Mr. Gee returns to the stage with the one and only Ron Burgundy, making a special guest appearance.

Dips x20 (rock in lap optional)

Incline Merkins x20

Dips x 10 (see above)

Decline Merkins x15

Final interlude.  Welcome back to the stage…Maize for an acoustic final encore with Mary.

Blackburn Two-Steps x25

LBCs x50

Homer to Marge x25

6″ Leg Hold Circle with a 7 Count

TD curls x20



-Words cannot describe the stench blowing down wind at the park, whatever is rotting is in ripe form. Turn 3 on the horse track brought gloom unlike anything I’ve taken in before.  3 laps was enough.  No issues with bother Wendell Gee though, who said he didn’t notice. Feel free to cropdust around that man without anxiety I guess.

-T-claps to Wendell Gee for creativity with the rocks, the park prop favorites have no shortage of options. YHC is feeling the rock push-ups as he types.

-No FNGs = High Counts. King David gave the fair warning. Rumor was we had an FNG as first, but Posh saved Maize from a North Hills Level 1 Code Violation with his second appearance this morning. Thanks for posting, it was great to have you back….next stop 75 count LBCs.

-T-claps to Spud for 2 posts in 3 days, what a great guy to have around. Expansion helps us see people more often, which is nice.

-Christmas party is this Saturday at White Shoe’s with King David Qing the grill. Strong RSVP count is being reported, looks like all we needed was alcohol to get a record post. Looking forward to the Tecumseh keg curls once it’s floating.