3 of Raleigh’s GORUCK’ers gathered for our inaugural training session on a section of the Mountain-to-Sea trail around Falls Lake.  Each of the PAX was loaded with 20+ lbs of weights/bricks for the journey.   Tecumseh of course had his 30 lb weight vest.  I also brought along a new friend named Buddy.  Buddy is a 28 lb chunk of concrete that has been living in my garage for the past year or so.  Not sure where he came from, but he enjoyed getting out to see the beautiful country side.

Coupon named Buddy

We headed off on the trail, taking turns every 5 minutes showing Buddy around.  He’s really a great guy!  During the hike we could have sworn Buddy was only 15 lbs or so, but when I got Buddy home we put him on the scales (twice) and found out he was a bigger friend than we thought, 28 lbs!

Most times when Buddy was handed to the next PAX, that lucky person chose a set of pushups, squats, lunges, etc.  No packs touched the ground and Buddy was only set down twice, when we did burpees.  It was a great time!  The only time we had any trouble was when Tecumseh didn’t want to share Buddy (maybe he had issues as a child?) but everything worked out.

We covered 5+miles on the up and down trail in about 2 hours, but YHC forgot to bring Buck Rogers, so we don’t have an exact tally or a cool report to show off either…sigh.  That will be fixed next time!

Finally, in true GORUCK style, we finished the day with a luke warm Bud, in honor of Buddy of course!