Many folks didn’t know what to expect when Howard our resident war
daddy took lead today, he set the stage by encouraging folks to bring
recliners and remotes, nobody did, so the challenge was laid out.

Run to pain island
SSH x30
Mountain Climbers x15
Arm circles 2×8
Merkins x12

run to carousel, robert plant the stairs x3

run to amphitheatre for plank-o-rama
high plank x15
putin x15
sarkozy x15
peter parkers x15
parker peters x15
high plank x10
mountain climbers x15

run around the carousel and back to the snack area, split into two groups
group 1, balls to the wall hold- group 2, run around the carousel- switch
group 1, peoples chair- group 2, run around the carousel- switch
group 1, wheelbarrow walk 40 yards each- group 2, run around the
carousel- switch

switch to ck for:
run up the stairs
60 yards of walking lunges
plank it out
run to upper field for 6 rounds of monkey feet tabata:
* 20 seconds of monkey feet with random calls for jump up, drop to the
ground, fire drill (drop and roll to the right)
* 10 second count by PAX while squat hold

run down to half pipe for:
dips x20
jump ups x10

mosey to the incline of the halfpipe for Mary:
flutter kicks x30
lbc x20
russian hammers x20
switch orientation on the hill (from up->down or down->up)
hello dolly

jog up the hill for 40 yards of squat lunges
20 yards of backwards walking lunges
3 flights of stair for bunny hops


tclaps to Tecumseh for sporting the weighted vest and for knowing when
to take it off
tclaps to bootlegger for the Larry Bird to CK on the walking lunges.
tclaps to Enron, Maize and Greasemoney for stepping up the pace of the
carousel run.
tclaps to Howard for his first Q and smoking the PAX.