The full compliment of the USS Heavy Metal mustered and was ready to roll to pick up equipment on Thursday morning from the Money Hose Equipment Desk.  We brought enough equipment to accomodate the entire division.  Shovel Flag (actual)…check…Omaha.32 Omaha 32….Set….Hit….

The Thang:

In a little sneak preview of what would appear on Saturday at Pullen, Howard takes the pax on a running tour of Roanoke Park.  He has a Q speed that would be seen on Saturday.

Warm up–SSHs, Imperial Walkers, Fazio Circles

Main Event–Very, Very Simple

2 Pax Partnership:

Pax 1–Kettlebell or Cinder Block or 25 Lbs. Plate Max Repetitions (Dealer’s Choice: KB Swing, KB DCP, Sumo Squat, High Pull, etc.)

Pax 2–Standing Broad Jump 15 Yds, Bear Crawl 15 Yds, Gorilla Run or Inchworm 15 Yds, 12 Yd Hill Climb, Tag the Flag and run back to start line.

Maximum Repetitions from 0609 AM until 0640 AM

3 Minutes of Mary (in honor of Floppy Disk in absentia): Russian Hammers, Cannonballs, Other stuff…


-Intense workout today.  We went for a long time.  I have no idea how many repetitions we did.  The only breaks occurred pax by pax when a pax keeled over hands on knees trying to reload for the next run.  By about 87% through the Gorilla Run, climbing our beloved baby hill seemed impossible.  Invariably, each run reached the red line for that last part.

-Orange cones add some credibility to the lines pax were asked to hit.  May or may not bring a whistle the next time we run this one.

-Somehow Pacman came up skunks in the pre-dawn F3 workout shirt search through the laundry pile.  He wore a white sweater vest and sensible trousers to the workout.  We had our own personal teaching pro.  He absolutely hit it out there and the clothes must have helped.  No one has heard from Pac since Thursday, so he may have gotten Gulaged at home for soiling the Club mixer finery.  It was worth the effort, though.

-Always nice to get a Green & Fazio sighting out at Heavy Metal.

-There’s something about Heavy Metal that draws out the malapropisms.  Long time fans will remember the exercise now known as Abe Lincolns.  King David got pinched on word choice during COT and we had to evacuate very quickly, Your bewildered HC forgot the take out prayer, until Fazio reminded us that we’d probably all have been better off after those jokes with a little word of prayer.  I’ll say.  Howard had to work double time to get us all secure after that little laugh fest.  Good stuff.  HM never lacks for the fellowship.