“Awww, come on guys, it’s so simple maybe you need a refresher course….It’s all ball bearings nowadays”– Irwin M. Fletcher

The Thang:

Warm up run to upper parking lot

(20 Alternating Left/Right Step Ups + 20 Mini Jump Ups) X 2

Imperial Walkers

Fazio Circles

run to BHS-end of King David’s Band Practice Field

Merkin Shuffle

Merkin Ladder (1,2,3…9,10,9…1) with side shuffle sprint to Shovel Flag (actual) and back in between each set. Total of 50 Merkins and 50 Carolina Dry Docks.

run to Stone Circle

Incline Merkin with the Clap Ladder (1,2,3..9, 10, 9…1) with 3-jump ups on stone benches in between each set.  Total of 100 Incline Merkins.

run to Pavilion

11’s of Tricep Dips & Single Leg Picnic Table Squats (10 Squats + 1 Dip, 9 Squats + 2 Dips….1 Squat + 10 Dips)

run to base of Hamburger Hill with plank hold

Little Baby Jacob’s Ladder– 3 Hill Climbs with (3, 2, 1 Burpees at top)–Total of 6 Burpees


-After a week of thoughtful deliberative process, the Pax reached consensus to give the Wed. workout at Fletcher a name reflective of the solemn, aspirational goals of each man in the F3 framework reflective of the dogged determination of one Irwin M. Fletcher in getting to the bottom of Alan Stanwyck’s would-be murder.

-Indian Summer rode in on a fast horse at Fletcher Park.  All sorts of Kotters to be passed out–Balmy (on a balmy day), Cheech, Cracker.

-I don’t think it’s been documented yet, but the etymology of Lamp’s F3 name has to be spelled out using charts and graphs.  A white board per chance.

-Long time fans of Fletcher will note in the above picture the slight glimpse of Floppy Disk’s yellow stallion sitting amidst the generic sport utility vehicles and sensible sedans driven by Raleigh pax.  Can’t tame 400 horses, Bo.

-Thunder claps to Cousin Eddie Griswold for agreeing to wear a the green dickey in a few weeks as Yuletide approaches.

That is all.

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  • Raleigh Pax,
    I’m travelling from the Crossroads/Statesville AO in your neck of the woods this week and was hoping that I might join in on the fun there WED morning. I see you train at a place called Fletcher Park at 0615. If this information is accurate I will be there and hopefully bring along a FNG from your area to introduce him to F3.

    Strength and Honor

  • Aye, strong workout yesterday Mr. Hose. Kotters to La-Z-Boy as well (nod to Howard for the reminder in the above post).

  • A true beat down. No BSs called, because no one could catch their breath. Great beat down. I think a recovery period is needed so I recommend everyone bring their La-Z-Boy and remote to Pullen on Saturday as I Q the first half. “SIT AND RECLINE IN CADENCE!”

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