5 PAX braved (I use this term loosely since it was 50 degrees) the gloom this morning.

The Thang:

Windmills x 10
Merkins x 20
SSH x 20
Jump lunges x 20

Grab a few pavers, jog to empty soccer field for the Burpee Suicide Pyramid.

Four lines spread out over 40 yards, 2 groups.  One group does burpees, the other group runs to the far line and back, then switch.  Same thing to far line, then next closer line.  Same thing to far line, next closer line, then next closer line.  Same thing to far line, next closer line.  Then far line only and stop.

Jog over to a soccer goal for pullups x 10 (will have to shy away from this particular goal in the future as it nearly met its maker with the weight of two guys hanging from it)

Back to the pavers, two groups, one group sprints 40 yards and back, the other group does exercises with the pavers:
Top-shelf (curl press)
Bent-over row
Plank row
Merkins with pavers on back
Russian hammers

One man calls the exercise and sprints with pavers 40 yards and back (twice through the group):
Jump squats
Jump lunges
Flutter kicks
Carolina dry docks
Merkins with a clap
Two other exercises…

Mary (led by Koufman):
Pavers on legs, bent leg raise
6″ leg raise
36″ leg raise



We had to change a couple of names today…Bevo is now Nip/Tuck, mostly because we all like it better, but it also fits with his future line of work.  Nurse is now Koufman due to his love for the voice box and for transformative surgery.

Dreamcatcher was out sick, so no one was there to run us into the ground today.  Little Jerry Seinfeld and Doogie were MIA without excuse notes from their mothers or wives – we’ll expect big things from them next time with all the rest they’ll have gotten.  Liz has yet to post again (is it he name? I do feel sort of bad about that one, but there is precedent for name change…)…